Шаблон для картинки на окно

Name the VM, choose the NFS VHD SR under Storage, enable “Run Operating System Fixups” and choose the NFS ISO SR. Click Next, then Finish. A VM should be created. Installation It is good practice to name your VM something generic during installation, this will ensure components such as LVM do not appear unique to a machine. It is recommended that the name of “localhost” is used for installation. This is the same place where any images you’ve uploaded are stored. Это могут быть силуэты Иерусалима, изображения ангелов, пастухов и волхвов. И не забудьте про Вифлеемскую звезду! Change the directory to %windir%\system32\sysprep, and then run sysprep.exe.

Скачать: WP_DeltaV_v11_Supported_Computers.pdf

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